Uster Introduces Uster® Jossi Vision Shield N

Switzerland-based Uster Technologies has introduced the Uster® Jossi Vision Shield N fiber cleaning system specifically adapted for high-output man-made nonwovens producers. The fiber cleaner is configured with built-in spectrascopes that look for the typical contaminants found in nonwovens including metal, wood particles, grease deposits or colored fibers. The
spectrascope operates on a greater wavelength than a conventional color camera and can detect “invisible” contamination in the infrared and ultraviolet light range as well as contamination the same or similar shade to the fibers as fine as a human hair, according to Uster.

“It is important to ensure a minimum of good fiber is lost. Trials have shown that the advanced Uster technology results in about 75-percent less waste comparing with other fiber cleaners — saving tons of raw material every year,” said Giacomo Frattesi, product manager, Uster Technologies.

“The combination of Uster Jossi Vision Shield N and Uster EVS FabriQ Vision N means that
Uster can offer a complete quality monitoring solution for the nonwovens industry,” Frattesi said.

September/October 2020