Green Buffalow Leading the Charge in Changing Female Wildland Firefighting Uniforms

FORT COLLINS, Colo. — March 4, 2020 — When fighting a wildland fire, the right-fitting gear can make all the difference in being able to work efficiently and safely. Founded in 2015, Green Buffalow has been working to develop a better wildland firefighting uniform for both men and women, and are proud to announce the launch of their new product to the public.

Green Buffalow is working to create the best possible Wildland Firefighter uniforms. Their new Wildland Firefighter Uniforms focus on the best fit, fabrics, and style to bring about the most ergonomic uniforms available on the market. Green Buffalow has partnered with industry experts to design uniforms that will feel great, reduce heat stress, and allow the most movement due to our superior styling.

Green Buffalow’s mission really hits home for the company’s founders Summer and Korena. Summer, having a background in Apparel Technical Design and Korena’s background in Business Development as well as being married to a wildland firefighter, truly brings forward a desire to create gear that would help ensure the safety of not only her spouse, but all Wildland Firefighters. Korena and Summer then embarked on a journey with the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) to approve sizing for women and create new sizing for men.

Over the last few decades, little has been done to update wildland firefighting uniforms, and Green Buffalow strongly believes it’s time that changes. Green Buffalow is the only brand working closely with the NFPA to advocate for wildland firefighters and change industry standards. According to an NFPA committee member, “Everyone else has brought us problems — Green Buffalow is the only one who has brought us solutions.” Green Buffalow is solving many current issues with wildland firefighting uniforms:

  • No current size chart in the standard for female upper torso garments;
  • Lower torso female sizing is almost a mirror image of the men’s lower torso size table;
  • Restrictive design requirements cause for ill-fitting garments; and
  • Due to poor fit, it results in some individuals to have chafing and bleeding.

Green Buffalow is excited to launch its new uniforms to the public and begin equipping fire departments across the country. This overhaul in women’s sizing and overall uniform safety has been a long time coming, and Green Buffalow is proud to be spearheading the effort.

Posted March 4, 2020

Source:  Green Buffalow