INDEX™ 2020 Exhibitor Preview: Truetzschler Nonwovens/Truetzschler Card Clothing

EGELSBACH, Germany — February 17, 2020 — At INDEX booth 2327 Truetzschler Nonwovens and Truetzschler Card Clothing introduces new line concepts and wires for efficiently making sustainable nonwovens for wipes or hygiene textiles.

Consumers love textiles made from cotton fibers. They highly appreciate the soft and natural touch not only in garments but also in other products coming in contact with the skin.

Fiber fineness — most fibers range between 3-5.5 Mic or 1.0-2.8 dtex — strength and absorbent capacity make cotton fibers an ideal material for single-use dry and wet wipes. There are just two reasons for the limited usage of cotton fibers in single-use nonwovens. Firstly, cotton is higher priced than less expensive viscose/polyester blends most times. And secondly, cotton fibers are natural products whose qualities vary both regionally and from year to year.

At INDEX booth 2327 Truetzschler Nonwovens addresses these challenges by introducing new line concepts for efficiently making cotton nonwovens for wipes or hygiene textiles. We discuss proven technologies which reliably turn even comber noils, short or unbleached cotton fibers into high-value products.

Another focus is on Truetzschler and Voith’s WLS (Wet-laying/Spunlacing) technology. We will discuss opportunities of WLS-lines and WLS in combination with other technologies for providing consumers with eco-friendly, sustainable and affordable single-use nonwoven products.

Truetzschler Card Clothing, our in-house competence center with respect to clothings and comprehensive service, presents its latest development: the SUPERTIP wire generation which brings card clothings to a new level of quality and profitability.

Posted February 17, 2020

Source: Truetzschler Nonwovens & Man-Made Fibers GmbH