Point Blank Vest Saves New York City Police Officer

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. — October 31, 2019 — New York City Police Officer Christopher Wintermute responded to a call reference a man acting suspiciously and armed shortly after midnight on October 23, 2019. Officer Wintermute was shot in the chest and was saved by his body armor produced by Point Blank Enterprises. Officer Wintermute was treated and released. The body armor credited with the Save is the Alpha Elite series AXIIIA manufactured by Point Blank and issued to Officer Wintermute on November 16, 2017.

New York City Police Department is the largest police department in the world and Point Blank Enterprises has been the contract vendor for concealable and tactical body armor to the New York Police Department since June 9, 2011 and has supplied over 50,000 vests. The Point Blank Alpha Elite series is the most popular model of body armor worn by law enforcement in the country today, including Los Angeles, Miami-Dade, Orlando, San Antonio Police Department’s just to name a few in addition to several Federal law enforcement agencies.

Point Blank Enterprises CEO Daniel Gaston stated: “We are honored to provide personal protection equipment to the Officers of New York City Police Department and over half the other law enforcement agencies in America today. Over 200 law enforcement officers have been shot this year and we have had a record number of Saves, providing a daily reminder why our commitment to protect our first responders is so important.”

Posted November 1, 2019

Source: Point Blank Enterprises Inc. (PBE)