Avgol Invests In Waveform 3D™ Technology

Israel-based Avgol is launching Waveform 3D™ technology, a new 3-D concept for fabrics used in hygiene applications. The Waveform process allows nonwovens used for diapers, adult incontinence and feminine hygiene products to be modified with distinctive surface
patterns with varying 3-D profiles. Avgol reports the 3-D fabric composition can impart additional benefits including skin wellness, cushioning and an enhanced cotton feel.

“Investment in Waveform 3D Technology enables Avgol to offer high-performance nonwoven fabrics without compromising comfort,” said Nick Carter, director, Market Business Intelligence and Intellectual Property, Avgol. “The ability to choose whether to use solid, apertured or combination patterns allows the product designer to truly tailor a solution for their application including how the fabric feels, how the fabric functions and how the fabric looks.

“Waveform 3DTechnology is part of an exciting program of novel solutions to meet the ever-evolving regional needs of our customers and deliver added value through leading-edge developments, quality and service.”

July/August 2018