Saturnian I® Introduces High Tech Carbon Fiber Design In A New Grip Zone® Line Of Sport Balls

PLYMOUTH, Mich. — January 29, 2018 — New! 2018 Spring Outdoor & Active play! Saturnian I® is adding to our ever popular Fun Gripper® sport ball line by launching the new Grip Zone® Carbon Fiber Design Series — Footballs, Soccer Balls and Soft Flying Disc.

Grip Zone Carbon Fiber series includes two size footballs 8.5 inch or 10.5 inch with black Carbon Fiber design composite material and our foam matrix surface that makes this football the easiest to grasp, throw and catch! Perfect spirals every throw. Also comes in an 8 inch Soccer Ball Size (4) and 9 inch Soft Flying Disc. The unique materials make this football non-threatening and safe for team sports or recreational play. Proper hand placement is easy with this unique traditional design! These footballs are very durable and easy to grip with small hands when learning to throw and catch a football. Perfect size balls for family recreation and athletes of all levels.

Suggested retail $14.99 to $24.99


  • NEW! Carbon Fiber Design By: Saturnian I;
  • Provides excellent ball control;
  • Double-laces;
  • Tactile Grip Zone® covering allows easy throwing and catching;
  • Buytl Bladder provides maximum air retention. Waterproof plays anywhere;
  • Ages: 6 to Adult.

Posted January 29, 2018

Source: Saturnian I Inc.