In Partnership With Cobra And Neilpryde, Chomarat Receives A JEC Innovation Award In Seoul With C-Ply™, For A Windfoil Board With A New Carbon Look

LE CHEYLARD, France — October 27, 2017 — At JEC Asia 2017 (November 1-3), the international textile group
 CHOMARAT will receive a JEC Innovation Award in the Sports & Leisure
 category for its C-PLY™ Hexagonal with visual & structural stitching.

“Chomarat provided NEILPRYDE and COBRA with its C-PLY Non-
Crimp Fabric (NCF) technology to help them manufacture an innovative windfoil board, and we are very proud to be rewarded with our partners”, says Pascal Joubert Des Ouches, Sports Equipment market director, Chomarat.

C-PLY Hexagonal Combines New Carbon Look And Performance

The unusual stitching of this carbon multiaxial NCF reinforcement combines visual appeal and mechanical performance. C-PLY Hexagonal is an innovative carbon NCF with a unique stitching yarn designed to be visible within the resin and to capture resin colour pigments. The stitching yarn also improves fracture toughness compared to standard NCF.

“We researched the right stitching yarn among multiple options before coming up with a tailor-made yarn solution. C-PLY Hexagonal provides a unique honeycomb carbon design that appeals to end users”, added Philippe Sanial, R&T Director at Chomarat.

A Wide Range, From Aeronautics And Automotive To Sports & Leisure Applications

Originally dedicated to the design of aerospace and automotive parts, the concept is now successfully applied to the sports & leisure sector. In this innovative windfoil board construction, tows are spread to create thin plies, which are then stitched with precise ±45° angles. The C-PLY NCF structure respects the fiber alignment and is optimized in terms of fiber angles and ply weights, thanks to unique spreading technology. The result is a leading-edge carbon NCF reinforcement allowing structural design benefits, premium surface quality and overall parts cost savings. “Bringing a new carbon visual signature for our high-performance C-PLY range of NCF is a key to boost retail sales in the whole sports & consumers product industry”, concludes Joubert Des Ouches.

Posted October 27, 2017

Source: Chomarat