An In-House Show Will Be Held To Mark KARL MAYER’s 80th Anniversary In Changzhou, China, In November

OBERTSHAUSEN, Germany — October 16, 2017 — The global market leader and trendsetter in the production of warp knitting and warp preparation machines, KARL MAYER, is celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2017, and is marking this milestone by holding a series of special events with in-house shows held at its different subsidiaries.

An event in this demonstration of progress to mark the company’s anniversary is an in-house show to be held at Karl Mayer (China) in Changzhou from November 23-25. During this technical presentation, the new TMJ 4/1-T terry warp knitting machine in a gauge of E 24 will be showing its features whilst producing patterned towels. Alongside this machine, an RDJ 5/1 double-bar raschel machine with piezo jacquard technology, also in a gauge of E 24, will be producing a spacer textile with an innovative multicolored design for use as a shoe fabric. A brightly colored ground surface is combined with a discreetly colored cover face with a mesh pattern to produce this striking look. The colored spots showing through create a butterfly-like pattern. All the main pattern elements of the final shoe are incorporated in the mirror images of the two halves of the design. The unveiling of a new machine will also be celebrated at the in-house show in Changzhou — the successful LACE.EXPRESS family is being extended by a new family member.

In the field of warp preparation for warp knitting the DS OPTO will be introduced as a flexible direct warping machine for rigid filament yarns for production from short and sample warp beams to standard block color warp beams.

For those visitors involved in weaving preparation, Karl Mayer will be showing the ISOSIZE as a conventional sizing machine based on a modular design, which can cater for every market demand. Also available to view will be the beaming machine, the size box, and the drying unit as important components of the line. Karl Mayer will also be demonstrating efficient, high-precision technology for the denim sector in the shape of its LONG CHAIN BEAMER. This tried-and-tested machine is used in rope dyeing for converting ropes to yarn sheets of exceptionally high quality.

Posted October 16, 2017

Source: Karl Mayer