Atkins & Pearce Marks Its Bicentennial Of Manufacturing In America

COVINGTON, Ky. — August 14, 2017 — Atkins & Pearce is about to weave its ways into its third century of U.S. manufacturing.

Atkins & Pearce’s commercial achievements span across the Machine Age, the Industrial Age, the Atomic Age, and the Space Age, meaningful advances in many industries would not have been made over the past 200 years without Atkins & Pearce providing some critical textile component. From the Model A to today’s most advanced automobiles, from the earliest long-distance telegraph to today’s technically complex satellites, Atkins & Pearce’s textile embodiments are as near as your favorite armchair and as far forward as the latest advancements in medicine and aerospace.

Today, Atkins & Pearce’s advanced, high-capacity footprint generates an annual output of just over 10 billion feet or enough narrow technical textiles to wrap the earth 76 times.

Atkins & Pearce is most known for its long history of delivering dependable high quality textile components. It is viewed as a technology enabler across a wide range of technical textile platforms and are counted on for its vast textile know-how wherever industry intersects with high-performance fibers.

“We strive to be viewed not as a supplier of parts, but as a highly reliable long-term partner willing to commit capital, expertise and excellence in execution,” Jeb Head, owner and president, Atkins & Pearce. “By doing this we materially enhance our customer’s ability to achieve their growth strategy faster and with less risk.

Atkins & Pearce’s limits in converting fibers is hard to define; however, the primary markets its supports are:

  • Electrical Motor and Generator Manufacturing;
  • Automotive Manufacturing;
  • Aerospace Design & Production;
  • Sports & Recreation;
  • Industrial Motive Power;
  • Protective Sleeving Solutions;
  • Custom Wicking Systems;
  • Precision Yarn Packaging; and
  • High Strength / Lightweight Textile Systems.

Posted August 15, 2017

Source: Atkins & Pearce