TeXtreme® Has Reached A Breakthrough In Commercial Aircraft

BORÅS, Sweden — March 7, 2017 — TeXtreme® is proud to announce that after several years of simulation and testing within the aero market, TeXtreme has been certified for use in commercial aero applications and qualified by a leading aircraft manufacturer.

HAECO searched for a material that would reduce weight and thereby enable significant savings in fuel costs for the airlines. HAECO turned to TeXtreme to help optimize its current seat design for weight, while still maintaining mechanical properties. TeXtreme used calculation, simulation and manufacturing support to help HAECO reduce the weight of the aircraft seat by almost 20 percent.

Andreas Martsman, vice president, Oxeon, said: “We work in close cooperation with our clients, giving them technical support, all the way from selecting the optimal reinforcement structure to making it work in the manufacturing process for the end product. When looking into the aerospace market the need for ultra-light products, that are designed to last, is growing. Together with HAECO the simulation results as well as our knowledge of advanced carbon reinforcements helped to produce a part which uses TeXtreme to achieve the desired significant weight savings.”

The TeXtreme Technology is established as the best choice for making ultra-light weight carbon fiber products. Novel TeXtreme materials are being used in aero and industrial applications, and by several major brands in the sporting goods market.

This part made of TeXtreme is now in production and is scheduled to be delivered in 2017.

Posted March 7, 2017

Source: Oxeon AB