Yale Cordage’s Hy-Dee Brait Rope Receives ASTM, CE Certification

Saco, Maine-based specialty rope manufacturer Yale Cordage reports its Hy-Dee Brait dielectric rope
is the first and only rope on the market to be certified to ASTM F1701-12 Standard Specification
for Unused Rope with Special Electrical Properties, issued by West Conshohocken, Pa.-based ASTM
International; and to EN Standard CE 62192, issued by the European Commission.

The Hy-Dee Brait dielectric rope is an eight-strand bipolymer rope that is nubby for good
grip and treated with Yale Cordage’s Aralube-dielectric — a proprietary chemical mixture that
provides the rope with its wet dielectric performance. Compliance with ASTM F1701-12 signifies the
rope does not exceed the maximum leakage of 250 micro-amperes at any time during wet testing
performed at 50 kilovolts alternating current. According to the company, the rope also can be
easily spliced with a tucking procedure or by the quick splice method.

“The industry we’re serving with our Hy-Dee Brait product is one that has unique, critical
safety concerns,” said William Putnam, vice president, Yale Cordage. “By ensuring our product
adheres to the newly published ASTM standard, we know our dialectic rope delivers the strength,
durability, and safety profile that this market needs and demands.”

March 27, 2012