Teijin Aramid Pioneers In Protection Technology For Optical Fiber Cables

ARNHEM, The Netherlands — March 19, 2012 — Teijin Aramid announces a new and improved way of
protecting optical fiber cables: Twaron Tape. Optical fiber cables play an increasing essential
role in today’s telecommunications, and their fragile cores need protection from various hazards
and strains.

Optical fiber cables are getting smaller and smaller — and at the same time it becomes more
difficult to protect the optical fiber core. Twaron Tape is an aramid fiber matrix construction
that enables the production of optical fiber cables with a diameter as small as 1.2mm.
Simultaneously, it provides three to five times better crush resistance compared to currently used
aramid fiber protection.

The production of thinner cables using Twaron Tape results into several more advantages
compared to current solutions. For example, the production of 1.2mm cables translates into an
increased capacity for optical distribution frames of 30-50% (compared with 1.6mm cable).
Furthermore, the thinner cables demand less cooling power, thereby cutting costs — and emissions —
at distribution centers.

Twaron Tape D2800 is a robust and flexible patented solution that contributes to increased
cable production speed, saving valuable time. Twaron’s flexibility enables quicker and more
convenient installation and handling, with easier stripping and connectorization of optical fiber
cables. The Tape consists of a single, spread Twaron yarn which is impregnated and fixed with a
matrix material. This results in significant saving in space and enables optical fiber cables to be
this thin. In order to provide complete coverage and optimal force and crush resistance, it is
evenly wrapped around the core of the optical fiber cable.

Christoph Hahn, Commercial Director at Teijin Aramid: “We are one of the early pioneers of
reinforcement technology for fiber-optic cables, and as this market has developed, we have gained
an in-depth understanding of the market requirements. We are proud to contribute to this industry
by offering our knowledge in high performance aramid fibers to our worldwide partners.”

Teijin Aramid experts will be present at Wire Düsseldorf 2012, booth 9C37, to show Twaron
Tape and discuss with visitors how they could benefit from the added value of this new product.

Posted on March 20, 2012

Source: Teijin Aramid