Biomedical Structures Records Highest Growth Quarter Ever In Q2 2011

WARWICK, R.I. — June 12, 2011 — Biomedical Structures, LLC (BMS), a provider of biomedical textiles
for medical devices and other advanced clinical applications, today announced that it recently
completed the highest quarter of growth in company history.

Following its March 2011 acquisition of medical textile manufacturer Concordia Medical, BMS
has experienced a steady increase in demand for its textile development expertise for the next
generation of medical devices. Additionally, BMS has capitalized on its record-breaking capital
growth by further building out its textile processing capabilities for improved capacity to serve
its core and growing list of customers. These efforts, which include the doubling of knitting
capabilities, tripling of non-woven capacity, and quadrupling of weaving capacity for the
production of biomedical textiles, have enabled BMS to notch its highest investment quarter ever,
and are a continuation of the company’s planned path of growth initiated by a 2010 funding from
Ampersand Ventures.

With the addition of the former Concordia’s manufacturing and cleanroom facilities, BMS’
production has expanded in volume and scope, and will continue to widen to meet device OEM demands,
particularly in the development and application of felt scaffolds and other absorbable nonwoven
technologies designed for tissue engineering and regrowth applications in a variety of therapeutic

Biomedical Structures specializes in the advanced design and manufacturing of biomedical
textiles with expertise in knitting, braiding, weaving, and non-woven technology. The company
utilizes a growing variety of implantable-grade absorbable and non-absorbable biomaterials in
orthopedic, general surgery, tissue engineering, cardiovascular, bariatric, cosmetic surgery, and
veterinary applications, including implantable devices and drug delivery technologies.  

“2011 has been an exciting year for BMS,” said Biomedical Structures CEO and President John
Gray. “Our acquisition of Concordia Medical has enabled us to deliver at improved speed, volume,
and scope for our medical device customers, and this second quarter is a direct reflection of that
added ability. We are looking forward to continuing to build our scientific expertise by expanding
our engineering resources and bringing the unique and innovative properties of textiles to our
customers as they develop the next generation of medical devices.”

Posted on July 12, 2011

Source: Biomedical Structures LLC