SkyBlue Announces Global License Agreement With Standard Fiber

SAN DIEGO — June 8, 2011 — SkyBlue™, an innovator in protective bedding technology for the retail
and hospitality industries, today announced a new license agreement that gives Standard Fiber the
exclusive global rights to manufacture, market and distribute two of its patent-pending
innovations, the ZipIt on/off top encasement structure and the revolutionary box spring encasement
design, both featuring its BB-Lock™ protective locking technology.

A new bedding category that combines defense and design, SkyBlue’s revolutionary DreamTec™
bedding technology offers advanced protection from bed bugs, stains and liquids in an attractive
streamlined encasement for any mattress, box spring, or pillow. Its patent-pending BB-Lock™
technology provides maximum control of bed bug entry and escape, working together with its advanced
bite-proof protection.

“We are thrilled to partner with Standard Fiber to bring our DreamTec protective bedding to
the global marketplace,” said Petra Michael, Founder and CEO of SkyBlue. “Introducing a new
category to the market-stylized protective bedding-marks a significant milestone for us as we
strive to design solutions that safeguard people as they sleep. We are confident that Standard
Fiber is the right partner to launch the category by giving our invention the broadest distribution
and access to the world’s leading bedding brands.”

Using existing manufacturing facilities throughout China, Standard Fiber will begin
production using SkyBlue protective bedding technology immediately.  Products featuring the
stylized encasements will be available to wholesalers and select retailers in late summer 2011.

“With the hyperawareness of bed bugs today, the hospitality industry is at a tipping point,”
said Sandy Gray, President of Standard Fiber. “Bed bug infestation is no longer exclusively about
guest satisfaction or perceived cleanliness-it’s an economic issue that can have significant impact
to a hotel’s bottom line. Petra understands the economics of the crisis and how to get control of
it from being at the forefront of the issue for over six years.” The costs of eradication, lost
bookings, and a bad reputation can add up to tens of thousands of dollars. “At Standard Fiber, we
have built our business by enhancing world-class products with the latest innovations and
technologies that make the best even better. SkyBlue’s dual-role stylized protective bedding
enables us to add value to those brands and deliver a competitive advantage to our customers in the
retail and hospitality markets.”

The DreamTec line includes a selection of designer quality fabrics that are Nanotex®treated
to strengthen the material and provide world-class stain and fluid resistance. For hotel owners and
operators, DreamTec’s zip top mattress encasement saves housekeeping labor and natural resources
with an easy to handle top cover.  It can be quickly removed by one staff member and uses less
energy to wash compared to a full cover.  Plus, the Nanotex- enhanced fabric is comfortable
and breathable, compared to other popular “noisy” or “hot” encasements.  As a result, guests
have a relaxing sleep experience.

From a hotel design perspective, DreamTec’s fitted cap box spring encasements provide a
stylish alternative, while achieving guestroom brand standards for bedding ensembles at a lower
cost than traditional bed skirts. Hotel owners and operators can achieve both protection and design
requirements-with up to 50% savings — with the DreamTec encasement.

Posted on June 10, 2011

Souce: SkyBlue LLC