INDEX 11 Exhibitor Preview: Freudenberg Nonwovens

DURHAM, N.C. — February 17, 2011 — At INDEX show in Geneva, taking place from 12 to 15, April
Freudenberg Nonwovens — the world’s leading manufacturer of nonwovens — will be presenting on booth
nr. 2127 a broad variety of its innovative nonwoven products. The focus will be set on applications
in the sectors Personal care/Medical and Innovation/Technology. Also interesting for visitors: The
design concept for the booth is based on Evolon® microfilament material.

Lutraflor® — the new generation for automotive carpets

Based on the recent market trends for automotive carpets towards weight reduction,
competitive pricing and sustainable products Freudenberg Nonwovens started a new generation
developing Lutraflor® for the automotive industry. Lutraflor’s sandwich construction consists of
100% recycled content in staple fibres and spunbond and is Latex free. Main characteristic of
Lutraflor®: Excellent abrasion performance and a luxurious appearance. Lutraflor® is used for full
floor molded carpets, throw-in-mats as well as for the cabin and door trim.

Focal points: Innovation and New Technologies

Besides Lutraflor® visitors also get an impression of the eco-friendly product line
Lutradur® ECO. Lutradur® ECO has all well-known Lutradur® key attributes like high product quality,
excellent dimensional stability and superior mold and mildew resistance. Lutradur® ECO is a 100%
polyester spunbond nonwoven using post consumer recycled polymer chip from reclaimed plastic
bottles and is used for tufted automotive and object carpets, as well as in the building and
construction industry. Lutradur® PET Fine Denier completes the Lutradur® product portfolio. The
specific technology of Lutradur® Fine Denier — a combination of Polymers — allows highly customized
solutions for various demanding applications. Freudenberg will also display its Evolon product
range dedicated to technical packaging for highly sensitive parts.

Nonwovens for personal care and medical applications

Materials like Evolon® microfilament textile, which Oeko-Tex is certified, are best suited
for allergic persons. Produced without any chemical additives Evolon® can be used for antimite
bedding and various other applications in the healthcare and medical area like cosmetic wipes.

Freudenberg’s brand Vilmed® represents a wide range of nonwoven materials for traditional
wound dressing and for Advanced Wound Care products. A new innovative product will be a new product
line of elastic nonwoven fabrics applied for applications like carriers for transdermal systems.
Featuring an extraordinary softness and pleasant wearing comfort Vilmed® meets all medical
requirements. Due to its extremely high softness Freudenberg nonwovens are used e.g. for
incontinence products and baby diapers. For the application area ostomy visitors will get an
impression of adsorptive materials which are characterized by a very high odour management.

The booth design itself uses nonwovens: Evolon®-printed with water based inks- is used as
decoration material on stand 2127 and demonstrates the way to design an ecofriendly booth concept.
After Index Freudenberg Nonwovens will also be exhibiting at booth nr D62 a specific product
portfolio at Techtextile Frankfurt taking place May 24 to May 26.

Posted on March 21, 2011

Source: Freudenberg Nonwovens