Karl Mayer Malimo Launches Malitronic® Multiaxial

Karl Mayer Malimo Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH, Germany, has launched the Malitronic® Multiaxial
machine for production of reinforcing textiles, which can be used for prepreg applications for wind
turbines, aircraft, boats and building repairs.

One unit is available for customer trials and training at the company’s technical center. A
second machine already is in place performing trials for a multiaxial textile producer.

Mayer reports the machine, which features a modular design for optimal flexibility and can be
configured to meet customer specifications, offers 20- to 25-percent increased productivity
compared with the previous-generation model.

Other features include: a full-width, continuous conveyor belt to feed materials such as
chopped glass mats or pretensioned weft layers to the bonding section of the machine; an optional
wide cutting unit for producing chopped glass mat feedstock from glass rovings; a compensating yarn
tensioner to provide constant yarn take-off from the package and even out differences in yarn
tension as the yarns are laid on the conveyor belt; an optimized drive system for the weft laying
system; and simplified and optimized filler thread delivery, offering constant thread tension;
among other features.

November/December 2009