Thrace Linq Purchases NSC Nonwoven Line

Summerville, S.C.-based Thrace Linq Inc. — a member of The Thrace Plastics Group, a subsidiary of
Greece-based Thrace Plastics Co. S.A. — recently placed an order for a needling line from
France-based NSC nonwoven. The line features an Excelle card and SCADA Expert Supervision system,
as well as NSC’s ProDyn® and Ouat!sys technologies.

The line, which is suitable for the production of light- and mediumweight nonwoven fabrics,
will add 7,000 tons per year of capacity to the Summerville plant.

Thrace acquired the well-established agro- and geotextile divisions of Linq in May 2007.
Thrace Linq continues to manufacture woven and nonwoven polypropylene technical fabrics. The new
NSC nonwoven line will enable the company to expand its presence in the US market.

March/April 2008