Xeros Launches XF3, An External Microfiber Filtration Device

ROTHERHAM, England — August 30, 2023 — Xeros Technology has announced the launch of a new product, XF3, an external version of its patented, market-leading washing machine filtration device, XFilter™.

Xeros’ XFilter is a high-performing washing machine filtration device. It captures more than 99 percent of microplastics and 80 percent of polycotton microfibres released during a washing cycle, preventing them from being released into the world’s oceans and waterways. XFilter is designed for upmost consumer ease, requiring no replacement cartridges and has one of the lowest emptying frequencies of all available filters.

Xeros has now taken that innovation and created an external, stand-alone filtration device that can be attached to any washing machine model. The product is expected to be launched to consumers in 2024 and is available immediately for licensing and branding partners.

Microfibers — fibers less than 5 millimeters — from synthetic textiles are contributing to the global plastic crisis. Every year more than half a million tonnes of microfibres are released into the world’s oceans simply from washing our clothes.* Research shows that microfibres from synthetic textiles (known as microplastics) are the biggest source of primary microplastic pollution in our oceans.* It is reported that microplastic pollution has increased 10-fold since 2005, with over 171 trillion microplastic particles now floating in our oceans.**

“XF3 enables our patented, high-performing microfibre filtration system, XFilter to be housed as a stand-alone solution that can be attached to any washing machine model,” said Neil Austin, CEO at Xeros. “The market for accessory sales of washing machine microfibre capture device is expected to be significant in Europe in the next few years and XF3 has been created as a plug and play solution to meet that demand.”

To make the product even more consumer friendly, XF3 can be installed at any height enabling its sleek modular design to sit on a countertop or under a sink. It is programmed to automatically start when the washing machine drains and has an alert when it needs emptying, enabling users to simply plug it in and leave it to work with complete peace of mind.

* Boucher, J. & Friot, D. International Union for Conservation of Nature. Primary microplastics in the oceans: a global evaluation of sources (2017)

** Erikson, M. et al. A growing plastic smog, now estimated to be over 170 trillion plastic particles afloat in the world’s oceans. Plos One. (2023).

Posted September 5, 2023

Source: Xeros