Uster Introduces USTER® TENSOJET 5

Switzerland-based Uster Technologies AG has introduced the USTER® TENSOJET 5 for measuring yarn strength as well as predicting yarn performance in downstream processes. The technology may be integrated with Uster’s Total Testing Center for ultimate process control and data management.

Uster Tensojet 5 operates at speeds of 400 meters per minute, which simulates the dynamic stress placed on yarn during the weaving process. The testing speed can give an accurate forecast of how the yarn will behave in future processing and predicts weavability. The tester is capable of performing 30,000 tests per hour, and all data is compatible with Uster Statistics. Graphic tools are available to show significant information at a glance.

When connected to Uster TESTER 6, the user may benefit from intelligent alarms as
well as smart reports showing evenness and tensile test data in the Total Testing Center.

The Total Testing Center can assign objective grades to the yarns — ranked on a scale from 1 to 5 Qs — to quantify downstream weaving performance. The grades are based on data from the Uster Tensojet 5 and yarn quality data from Uster QUANTUM 3 yarn clearers. According to Uster, the Tensojet 5 can be a key element in a spinning mill’s profitability.

July/August 2018