Eriez® Designs Double Team Systems

Erie, Pa.-based Eriez® has introduced two metal detector/magnetic separator Double Team Systems for protection against ferrous and nonferrous metal contamination.

The first system partners a Magnetic B Trap with an Xtreme® Liquid Line metal detector. The magnet removes the ferrous contamination from pumped liquid, while the metal detector focuses on detecting and rejecting non-magnetic tramp materials including aluminum and stainless steel.

The second system features a Magnetic Grate-in-Housing with an Xtreme Gravity Drop
Vertical metal detector. The magnet is responsible for removing ferrous contamination from gravity-dropped material, and the metal detector detects and rejects non-magnetic tramp materials.

In both systems, the metal detector and magnetic separator work together to produce as close to perfect a product yield as possible, according to Eriez. The new systems were designed to meet common application challenges, but experts from Eriez can work with customers to design systems for all application needs.

May/June 2018