Baldwin Offers Spray Applicator For Finishing Applications

ST. LOUIS — April 26, 2017 — Baldwin Technology Company Inc. offers a state-of-the-art Spray Applicator, which enables a sustainable textile and nonwoven finishing process, with less energy consumption, a reduction in water waste and chemicals, and a substantial savings of time and money. These benefits reflect the “Sprayvolution” concept of this product.

Launched in 2015, the Spray Applicator currently is installed at major textile finishing facilities worldwide, with proven positive and “Sprayvolutionary” results, such as:

  • Reduced water and chemistry usage of up to 50 percent;
  • Reduced total changeover time of up to 85 percent; and
  • Reduced chemistry waste of up to 99 percent.

The Spray Applicator’s individual nozzle control and automatic volume adjustment ensure precise and uniform finishing in various process conditions and production capacities.

Because the exact amount of chemistry is applied in relation to cloth width, grams per square meter and textile characteristics, no unnecessary energy or chemistry is wasted. Plus, changeover times are significantly reduced, thanks to fully automatic flushing. Compared to traditional application methods, with changeovers of 15 to 30 minutes, Baldwin’s Spray Applicator executes the same chemistry change in less than 5 minutes.

Furthermore, the Spray Applicator can manage a wide range of low-viscosity chemistries, single- and dual-sided applications and various textile characteristics, as well as wet-on-wet applications, which are performed without any contamination from other chemistry sources. The Spray Applicator’s mist containment cover encapsulates and prevents aerosols from escaping, ensuring a healthy working environment.

“With the ‘Sprayvolution’ concept, we are well prepared to meet the textile industry’s increasingly high environmental demands,” said Per Stenflo, vice president, Spray, Baldwin. “The Spray Applicator is a revolutionary product, and a small investment that will pay off in a short period of time for our customers.”

Posted July 25, 2017

Source: Baldwin