New OEM Focused PumpSense™ Predictive Monitoring And Analytics System Diagnoses Pump Operating Problems And Prescribes Actionable Solutions

BALTIMORE, Md. — The new PumpSense™ sensor-based system from Prophecy Sensorlytics™ introduces uniquely “smart” and cost effective predictive diagnostics technology to alert pump/blower users to developing problems and prescribe timely fixes without any need for outside support, expertise, or data analysis.  Designed for integration by OEM pump manufacturers, PumpSense generates easy-to-understand graphics and text-based actionable maintenance advice before issues can escalate.  The system ultimately provides pump OEMs with a competitive marketplace edge, adding value for end users by virtually eliminating untimely reactive maintenance attention, unplanned production downtime and rushed service parts.

The PumpSense system ideally suits pump/blower applications across industries, including agriculture, electronics, environmental, food and beverage, medical, mining, paper and printing, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and textiles, among many others.

OEMs easily attach PumpSense sensors to a pump or blower housing at the factory. When the system is delivered and on-line with the end user, the sensors automatically and continuously monitor and measure filter status, oil status, pump utilization, and vacuum or pressure level trends — all in 24/7/365 real time. Patent-pending, powerful analytic software collects the sensor data, compares the data against pre-determined baselines, and pushes the data into an easy to understand dashboard displaying machine, component, or condition information. The system then delivers meaningful maintenance recommendations, based on the actionable intelligence, heading off potential problems that otherwise could impact productivity and profitability.

An easy-to-navigate mobile app enables end-users to graphically view conditions by showing green, yellow, or red backgrounds. If a pump or component reaches a yellow warning level, then the actionable maintenance advice for the fix is delivered to assigned technicians via email or text message.

OEM pump manufacturers can further apply the PumpSense solution to their internal quality-control processes, creating a virtual fingerprint identity before shipping a pump to customers.

Posted February 27, 2017

Source: Prophecy Sensorlytics