PolyOne Introduces Wilflex Epic™ Rio Non-Phthalate Ink Mixing System

CLEVELAND — July 11, 2016 — PolyOne today announced the launch of non-phthalate Wilflex™ EPIC™ Rio, a new color mixing system for textile inks. Based on cutting-edge pigment technology and formulated for excellent color strength, these inks are PANTONE® approved and boast an extended color range of 18 finished ink mixing components. The end results are a perfect balance of color accuracy, vibrancy and opacity for peak press performance and color design.

As the most opaque color system in the Wilflex range, EPIC Rio maintains color precision and flexibility, and can help screen printers save ink and money by achieving color on press quicker, even with fine mesh-counts. The increased opacity of EPIC Rio also offers greater processing flexibility with regard to mesh screen selection, print strokes and direct print capability, all while maintaining accuracy to Pantone color standards.

Kevin Romine, Wilflex product manager, commented, “EPIC Rio’s color matches to Pantone color standards are spot on, and they strike a perfect balance between color vibrancy and opacity. These new inks will allow textile screen printers to improve opacity and really up their game on color design because the increased color accuracy and strength add a significant ‘wow’ factor.”

The inks are creamy and smooth right out of the bucket and remain that way throughout production runs. Press-ready EPIC Rio inks also give consistent, exceptional results for large or small runs.

Designed for ease of printing on a manual press without tiring the press operator, EPIC Rio inks are also appropriate for larger production runs with an automatic press. They perform well over a wide range of mesh sizes and press parameters, so printability for either manual or automatic textile screen-printing is outstanding.

Posted July 11, 2016

Source: PolyOne