CeramTec Introduces Standard S Friction Disc With Super Surface

Germany-based CeramTec GmbH has engineered a new surface structure for its Standard S friction discs used in the nylon texturing processes. According to the company, when the new discs were used on a Barmag eFK machine with a 1/6/1 setup to produce 78/68 decitex nylon 6,6 yarns, elongation improved by more than 6 percent, and strength increased by more than 5 centiNewtons per tex when compared to yarns produced using the standard discs.

The new surface modification process creates a disc with a roughness of Ra 0.85 ± 0.15 micrometers, but finer roughness also is available on request.

The new surface structure of the CeramTec Standard S friction discs can improve the properties of textured nylon yarns.

January/February 2016