The New Autoconer 6 From Schlafhorst: The Best Original Ever

ÜBACH-PALENBERG, Germany — March 16, 2015 — The Autoconer was the first automatic winding machine in history and each of its new machine generations caused quite a sensation in the textile industry. Now it is happening again: Equipped with improved process intelligence, the new Autoconer 6 boasts powerful innovations, a noticeable increase in productivity and best energy efficiency. Thus Schlafhorst significantly raises the bar for high-yield efficiency in the winding process, especially since the basic model is already equipped with the key innovations. For Schlafhorst, the Autoconer 6 is quite simply the best original ever.

Intelligently controlled self-optimisation is the major innovation topic of the sixth generation of the unsurpassed Autoconer. Automated process sequences are designed and structured to function in a self-optimising way. This ensures maximum productivity, resource efficiency, quality and process reliability in winding.

More Intelligence For More Productivity
The intelligent operation of the new Autoconer guarantees ultimate productivity at a consistent level. With a plus of 6%, it sends a clear signal during start-up. Thus, the Autoconer 6 always starts with optimised acceleration without slippage, reaching its maximum winding speed faster than ever before. In addition, unproductive piecing cycle times are reduced to a minimum. The anti-patterning function is optimised for productivity.

The sophisticated material flow system ensures a 100% capacity utilisation of the winding units on the automated machines even in case of material flow variations.

The RM type has been completely redesigned. The new open design features a unique innovative bobbin change system that stores an additional bobbin in the new loading shaft and is thus ready for the change. 9+1 bobbins per winding unit is the success formula for a reliable, fast and therefore more productive bobbin change on RM machines. Now, with up to 80 winding units, the new Autoconer 6 type RM increases the productivity per square metre by 9% in comparison to a machine with only 60 winding units.

Resource-saving Technology
New highly efficient suction system motors, new intelligent control systems and aerodynamically improved components such as the new suction tube, reduce energy consumption and minimise yarn waste. With 6% less resource consumption, the Autoconer 6 is off to a good start.

The new suction tube provides a significantly higher resource efficiency: fast, reliable upper yarn pick-up, reduced cycle frequency and duration, automatic, self-adjusting alignment of suction tube position. An intensification of upper yarn search is achieved together with the FlexiCycle. In the process, miscellaneous parameters such as the suction tube distance, intensity of the negative pressure as well as search time can be flexibly set. Upper yarn errors and red lights are a thing of the past.

The sensor-monitored negative pressure control of the Autoconer 6 creates only as much negative pressure as needed. The suction system automatically switches back and forth between requirement-oriented, increased working pressure for a reliable yarn end pick-up and the energy saving resting vacuum. All parameters are individually adjustable. Furthermore, compressed air can be reduced even more by setting the blowing impulses for cleaning of the winding units via the Multi-Jet on the Informator according to the
actual level of soiling.

The new waxing unit has an improved resource utilisation, which cuts wax wastage by a third.

Automation And Intelligent Material Flow
Due to its automatic, self-optimising material flow, the Autoconer 6 is virtually independent of operation. There is no need for manual settings since the machine automatically controls everything. The intelligent system distributes the Caddies to the winding units completely autonomously, allowing the reserve bobbins to vary between 1 and 3, depending on the situation. If a winding unit faces a temporary supply shortage, a bobbin is provided by the adjacent winding unit. When required, the Autoconer 6 switches to high-speed feed by means of sensor control. The unique advantages of the Autoconer material flow technology – Vario Reserve, Intelligent Bobbin Sharing and High-Speed Feeding – are even more in tune in the Autoconer 6.

This allows the Autoconer 6 to completely compensate variations in material flow. The new feed change strategy accelerates the feed change by 25%, since each winding unit is first supplied with the initial bobbin required for production start before the reserve bobbins are replenished.

As before, Schlafhorst offers graduated automation solutions that are individually specified for each customer in compliance with his internal processes by choosing the matching machine type as well as the desired bobbin and tube handling.

With its multi-tube handling and smart empty tube strategy, the X-Change package doffer features intelligent functions which are unique in the market. When the doffer uses a tube format the first time, it automatically learns how to best pick up the tubes and stores the knowledge acquired in the Informator. This minimises set-up times and improves process reliability. Thanks to intelligent travel optimisation, smart prerequest mode, extremely short positioning time and sensational 10 second changing time, the package doffer XChange stands out with excellent changing capacity.

Benchmark For Package And Splice Quality
The new TensionControl and the proven Autotense FX make the Autoconer 6 the only machine in the market that offers two systems for electronic yarn tension control. TensionControl, which is part of the basic equipment, determines the typical yarn tension progression of bobbins in the current lot on a reference winding unit and uses the measurement data to calculate a yarn tensioner curve for the lot data in the Informator. The corresponding control commands are then transmitted to all winding units. Compared to machines without yarn tension control, this basic system achieves already increasingly homogeneous package densities and a higher efficiency, thus creating a new performance level which is sure to attract interest from commodity applications.

For high-end requirements, the reliable winding unit-specific yarn tension control Autotense FX remains available as an option, same as the unique technology modules of the FX series Propack FX, Variopack FX, Ecopack FX, PreciFX and Speedster FX. In terms of textile technology, the Autoconer 6 leaves nothing to be desired.

The universal splicer module system of the Autoconer 6 ensures perfectly spliced joints for every application. It takes just a few simple steps and some additional components to convert the Flexsplicer, which can be set for standard and compact yarns, into an Elastosplicer, Thermosplicer or Injection splicer. Due to central splicing parameter settings, the desired results are always reproducible at the push of a button and the yarn is perfectly spliced in every shift. High efficiencies can be achieved in downstream processes. The Autoconer 6 is and remains the benchmark for package and splicing quality.

Simple Operation, Increased Process Reliability
All the innovations, which in many cases are hidden inside the Autoconer 6, such as the new electronics concept, the smart use of state-of-the-art sensors, the online monitoring of process sequences and the autooptimisation of settings ensure that process reliability is increased and the staff is freed up. Thus, the Autoconer 6 supports the spinning mills in their individual optimisation of productivity and quality for maximum economic efficiency and optimal return on investment.

Numerous improvements make operation, maintenance and cleaning of the Autoconer 6 easier for the staff. For example, the aggregates in the new component carrier are freely accessible, the round magazine of Autoconer 6 type RM is ergonomically designed, the suction tube adjusts its position independently and automatically: Faulty operation is virtually impossible and all movements are performed in a fast and reliable manner.

The Autoconer 6 Improves The Competitive Edge Of The Spinning Mills
The innovations of the Autoconer 6 are trend setters in the industry and create entirely new opportunities in process optimisation. Schlafhorst integrates the best textile technological know-how in self-optimising, intelligently controlled technical process sequences and, once again, proves to be the market and technology leader. This is an invaluable advantage for Schlafhorst customers in the end stage of the spinning process that is so crucial for success. They gain a greater competitive edge and economic efficiency. The Autoconer 6 – the best original ever – is thus a new milestone in package winding.

Posted March 31, 2015

Source: Saurer/Schlafhorst