Atlas Copco Compressors Introduces New Drive Technology For Variable Speed Drive Compressors

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — March 10, 2014 — Atlas Copco Compressors has introduced proprietary drive technology for oil-injected screw compressors with variable speed drive in the 50-125 hp range. Robust, efficient and reliable, the Neos drive is specifically designed to meet the demands of heavy duty air compressor applications.

“The Neos drive is the result of collaboration between Atlas Copco and our long-time electronics providers, combining years of experience and knowledge of energy-efficient compressor technology,” said Robert Eshelman, vice president, Industrial Air Division, Atlas Copco Compressors. “Since we introduced the first variable speed drive compressor in 1994, we have continued our legacy of innovation with the development of this proprietary drive technology.”

In comparison to traditional drives that are typically designed for light duty applications with quadratic torque curves, the new drive technology was designed specifically for applications that have a constant torque curve, allowing the compressor to meet the demands of heavy duty applications. The Neos drive features an IP5x rated enclosure, which greatly reduces the risk of drive failure by blocking the introduction of outside contaminants into the electronic drive. In addition, the Neos drive features simplified controls and options that cater to the specific needs of an air compressor application.

The combination of simple controls, robust protection against contaminants and increased efficiency makes the Neos drive the preferred drive for all oil-injected screw compressor applications in the 50-125 hp range. The Neos drive is currently available in all new compressors in this range; older Atlas Copco compressors can also be retrofitted with the new drive.

Posted March 10, 2014

Source: Atlas Copco