Karl Mayer, Primon Develop Robotic Rotary Creel Loading

Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH, Germany, and Primon Automazioni, Italy, have jointly
developed robotic rotary creel loading technology to improve the doffing/donning process on Karl
Mayer’s Gir-O-Matic sample warping machine. Karl Mayer reports the technology offers benefits when
yarns must be changed frequently or when working with short warp lengths.

A robot station allows bobbin changing during total or partial yarn creeling and subsequent
automatic knotting of yarn ends. Tools include: pick and place tool to take bobbins from the
loading trolley and for bobbin doffing/donning; yarn-sucking tool; yarn-cutting/positioning tool;
mobile knotting tool; rotary creel bobbin holder release tool; loading trolley; and Karl Mayer
laser monitoring system to measure bobbin diameters as they run out. A modification to the
Gir-O-Matic allows bobbin mounting onto the loading trolley at the robot station rather than
directly onto the rotary creel. Karl Mayer reports the robot station enables a production increase
of 15 percent or more and maximizes the machine’s flexibility.

May/June 2010