Binsfeld Unveils TempTrak® RT406-2C Temperature Transmitter

Maple City, Mich.-based Binsfeld Engineering Inc. – a manufacturer of rotary data transmission
systems including temperature transmitters for heated godet rolls – has released the TempTrak®
RT406-2C six-zone temperature transmitter for use on Germany-based Oerlikon Neumag’s S5 and NPT
bulk continuous filament spinning machines.

According to Binsfeld, the TempTrak RT406-2C – a drop-in replacement for Neumag’s original
transmitter – offers improved temperature stability and reliability while eliminating complications
common with comparable transmitter systems such as alignment problems, high ambient temperature and
debris. The TempTrak transmitter features 16-millimeter rotor-stator spacing and fully
encapsulated, high-grade electronics; and comes with a standard two-year warranty.

June 9, 2009