Gneuss Launches Measurement Technology In North America

Matthews, N.C.-based Gneuss Inc. – the North American subsidiary of Germany-based Gneuss
Kunststofftechnik GmbH, a manufacturer of filtration, measurement and processing technologies for
plastic melts – is now offering Gneuss measurement technology in North America. The technology
consists of a complete line of melt pressure and temperature sensors, including instrumentation,
for plastics extrusion applications. 

Gneuss’ latest technological development is the NTX™ non-mercury series of melt pressure
transducers and transmitters, which, according to the company, offers premium performance and
increased life compared to conventional mercury, sodium potassium and other alternative
fill-mediums. The NTX sensors are environmentally safe and rated for temperatures up to 930ºF.
Sensor enhancements include the new DAP series heated-tip option, which reduces the risk of
diaphragm damage during installation and removal; a special membrane design that enhances
longer-tip diaphragm life; and a flexible capillary design.

April 7, 2009