Lectra Upgrades Diamino Marker-Making Solutions

Lectra, Paris, has upgraded its Diamino marker-making software – available as DiaminoFashion,
DiaminoFootwear, DiaminoFurniture and DiaminoTechTex – to provide more powerful marker-making
algorithms than previous versions and improved management of constraints specific to each market.

In addition to interactive manual marker making, the product offers automated marker making
that increases productivity and reduces fabric waste, according to Lectra. Customers report
material savings of 3 to 4 percent using the new software compared with previous versions. The new
system also takes into account the technical characteristics of the material to be cut and manages
patterned fabrics appropriately, recognizing and removing fabric flaws in cut pieces and monitoring
the grain line to improve cutting quality.

“The ability to combine these two modes of marker-making, applied to the specific business
constraints of fashion, furniture, automotive and industrial fabrics companies, is a considerable
competitive advantage for our customers and it is one of the key points which allows them to make
significant savings in terms of both fabric and time,” said Daniel Harari, Lectra CEO.

January/February 2009