Process Control Expands Guardian® Batch Blender Line

Process Control Corp., Atlanta, has
expanded its Guardian® Gravimetric Batch Blender product line by adding new 1.25-kilogram (kg) and
2.5-kg models that have segmented multihoppers similar in design to those of its 5-kg and 12-kg
models. The 1.25-kg blender holds up to four ingredients, while the 2.5-kg blender holds up to six
ingredients. Both can handle throughputs from 177 to 820 pounds per hour; and a range of materials
including pellets, regrinds, non-flowing powders and liquids.

The new models feature an integral loading platform and V-gate discharge valves for each
ingredient. When they are retrofitted onto a production line, processors may continue to use their
existing vacuum receivers and loading equipment.

November/December 2005