RF Drying Simulator Enables Evaluation For Specific Uses

Frequency Co. Inc. (RF), Millis, Mass., has made available the Macrowave Omnitherm Simulator to
enable customers to evaluate high-speed RF drying for use in their web-drying operations. The
technology is applicable in operations that currently use infrared, convection drying or hot air
impingement.RF reports its technology eliminates the time needed to heat up and cool down
conventional dryers, minimizes the quantity of product in the drying cycle, and reduces time
required for changeover. Suitable for webs up to 160 inches wide, it selectively dries the wettest
sections of the web through preferential heating to ensure uniform moisture content.The simulator
provides process parameters, test conditions and results in a computerized file, allowing customers
to determine scale-up requirements from the pilot sample.

June 2003