CAC Offers RIC-2 Dancer Roll For Consistent Tension

Converter Accessory Corp. (CAC), Wind Gap, Pa., now offers the RIC-2 and a new Dancer Roll system
for consistent tension in high-quality printing, laminating and coating applications. The RIC-2
ultrasound, noncontact, automatic, open-loop tension control can be calibrated in fine increments
using a PC, requiring little operator attention and few manual adjustments. Features include
excellent loop control; two switches for distance measurement and output control, allowing the
system to react to predetermined points; and an adjustable transducer frequency range of from 2 to
500 pings per second.The latest Dancer Roll offers closed-loop tension control for unwinds, rewinds
and nips. System features include a non-contact dancer position sensor with analog output, which
eliminates downtime and inaccuracies associated with mechanical position sensor failure. The rolls
may be supplied with clutches, brakes and drives.

October 2002