Nordson Delivers Universal Slice Applicator

Nordson Corp., Norcross, Ga., has engineered the new Universal Slice applicator, which provides
flexibility of hot-melt adhesive patterns and widths. The applications construction permits quick
changeovers while minimizing space requirements and spare-parts inventory.The Universal Slice
features a quick-change adhesive module, allowing various spray patterns to be achieved by changing
the tip while using the same module. Die slices can be added or removed to provide variable width
capability without replacing the entire assembly.The applicators flexibility is further
demonstrated by the multi-port adhesive architecture, which allows individual pumps to supply
single or multiple adhesives modules or multiple pumps to supply a single adhesive module. The
ability to quickly reconfigure the control air section for individual, group and zoned control
reduces the need for custom manifolds.

April 2001