West Point Foundry And Machine Offers Pre-Wet Sizing

West Point Foundry and Machine Co., West Point, Ga., has developed the new model SAS-PW Pre-Wet
System, which uses patent-pending technology to apply atomized water to warp yarns prior to
sizing.The system maintains consistent water wet pick-up by precisely controlling the volume of
water applied to the warp yarns. Dwell time between the pre-wet chamber and the size box is
increased to allow maximum penetration of water into the yarns. Due to the penetration of water
into the center of the yarn, the amount of sizing chemicals required for efficient weaving is
reduced by 20 to 50 percent.The SAS-PW is the lowest-cost pre-wet system available, said Scott
Warren, general sales manager. It has a self-contained control system and a narrow footprint that
will allow it to run on any slasher, regardless of space limitations or equipment manufacturer.

February 2001