ROICA™ By Asahi Kasei And TENCEL™ By Lenzing To Continue The Joint Efforts To Create A New Generation Of Circular Driven Innovations Supported By Brugnoli, Maglificio Maggia And Maglificio Ripa

MILAN — July 8, 2024 — The partnership between ROICA™ by Asahi Kasei, a pioneer in premium stretch fiber and TENCEL™ by Lenzing, a leader in wood-based cellulosic textile fibers continues in introducing a concept of sustainable and circular-driven textiles, to different applications from general apparel to indoor sportswear or lingerie. This collaboration sets new benchmarks for sustainability, performance and design in textiles, offering a step forward in circular and responsibly produced next-generation materials to provide an innovative composition with creative opportunities, new fabric design, performance and quality, as well as end of life solutions.

In occasion of next Milano Unica we will have on stage three new collections aiming to reach contemporary consumer new generation of wardrobe through this project:

  • Performance wear: Yogatime by Brugnoli – MODA IN FABRICS, HALL 2, booth C09 C11 C13 / MAREdiMODA, HALL 3, booth MdM15
  • Fashion: De Rerum Natura by Maglificio Maggia – IDEABIELLA, HALL 4, booth H05
  • Lingerie – underwear: ECO proposals by Maglificio Ripa – MODA IN FABRICS, HALL 1, booth B10

Mr. Hiroaki Shinohe, Chief Marketing Officer of ROICA Europe at Asahi Kasei on the collaboration: “With this amazing partnership we are aiming to support the circular economy, sharing the same vision and goals: providing the quality of our materials of unique touch, comfort and performance combined with a high level of sustainability that leads to a responsible environmental impact when it comes to the end of life of a material”.

Mr. Carlo Covini, Business Development Manager of textiles business, Italy and Switzerland of Lenzing, comments: “Combining TENCEL™ and ROICA™ we are moving together towards a more sustainable textile industry which definitely HAS to tend to circular approach solutions. We are proud of this partnership and keep on finding new collaborations and partners to give our fibers the opportunity to express themselves in innovative and planet conscious collections with contemporary consumers looking for them in mind”.

All started with an interesting proposal for performance wear in occasion of last Performance Days, and now also in occasion of Milano Unica, Brugnoli introduces YOGATIME, a line made by three articles featuring innovative fabrics combining TENCEL™ Modal and the degradable stretch yarn ROICA™ V550, matching the needs of each garment designed for yoga and loungewear with a conscious approach. You can see it at MODA IN FABRICS, HALL 2, booth C09 C11 C13 / MAREdiMODA, HALL 3, booth MdM15.

And now we continue this journey touching base with a brand-new item of the wardrobe: fashion. We do it with the support of Maglificio Maggia, a company specialized in the manufacturing of fabrics knitted on circular looms, that will introduce their fabric made with TENCELTM Modal and ROICA™ V550 in occasion of Milano Unica at IDEABIELLA, HALL 4, booth H05, with two articles finished by Tintoria Finissaggio 2000:

556981 : elastic Milan stitch fabric, a weaving stitch that makes it structured and tactile with a high compactness and shape capable of best expressing itself in the creation of supported garments such as jackets and overshirts, pleasant and comfortable to the touch thanks to the perfect combination of cashmere and TENCEL™ Modal fibers. It remains fluid and smooth to the hand, thus positioning itself as 55698 an excellent option for a product with a winter taste but which does not give up that freshness, due to the texture, always pleasant in contact with the skin.

511502 : simple elastic jersey with a prestigious composition that blends cashmere and TENCEL™ Modal, two fibers capable of working together to provide an excellent tactile experience, perfect product for winter t-shirts and light garments. Worthy of mention is the premium stretch component which gives the fabric a high wearing comfort and is therefore able to optimally follow muscle movements, guaranteeing a high-level experience of use and performance.

The garments are now in the making of phase thanks to the designer Emanuele Stocco and the producer Andrea De Marco.

Giovanna Maggia, stakeholder of Maggia, adds: “There is no progress without the right, needed attention and a sustainable strategy. Maglificio Maggia interprets contemporary social and environmental responsibility values by conducting business with respect to the wellbeing and health of people and the planet, acknowledging that the textile sector can play a pivotal role. That’s why we choose to partner with TENCEL™ and ROICA™, united we can multiply our power”.

And after sport and fashion, here we come with another absolute relevant item for everyday life and health: lingerie and underwear. And our master here is called Maglificio Ripa.

Maglificio Ripa has been one of the most qualified fabric producers on the international scene for over sixty years, collaborating with most major fashion houses and the best-known lingerie, swimwear and sport brands. Maglificio Ripa will be introducing this new responsible innovation at Milano Unica at MODA IN FABRICS, HALL 1, booth B10 and MAREdiMODA, HALL 3, booth MdM03.

Following innovation and the production trend linked to circularity and degradability in textiles, Maglificio Ripa presents two new articles, ECO202AX 3 and ECO 373AC 4 , in TENCEL™ Lyocell with Micro technology and ROICA™ V550. Both have a super soft hand and are desired for “fashion underwear” and base-layer applications. The jersey, with a sheer and soft feel on the skin, is characterized by a light weight and a slight transparency, while maintaining the very warm feel of TENCEL™ and the technical characteristics of ROICA™ V550. The interlock, however, with the CLEAN CUT (a fabric produced in double needle beds and with a sharp cut) feature, gives comfort even to the most structured garments.

Luca Bianco, CEO of Maglificio Ripa, comments: “In Maglificio Ripa we truly believe that this kind of partnership are able to open new horizons for productions and collections that combine the expertise of valuable companies and their concrete commitment towards a more sustainable world. We put our knowledge at the service of the common goal of creating something new, beautiful and responsible”.

This collaborative venture is going to make a further step in circular economy for the textile industry and to set a new concept of sustainable and circular driven textiles enhancing degradability and environmental sustainability. Many things have been done, many valuable partnerships have been made, but we’re just at the beginning of this exciting path towards sustainability a new generation of wardrobe in the textile industry.

1 Technical data: 130hcm, 200grm2, 260grml. Composition: 87% TENCEL™ Modal, 8% cashmere and 5% ROICA™ V550 premium sustainable stretch

2 Technical data: 115hcm, 150grm2, 175grml. Composition: 82% TENCEL™Modal, 7% cashmere, 11% ROICA™ V550

3 ECO 202AX – 85% LYC (100/1 TENCEL™ Lyocell x Micro), 15% ROICA™ V550, a 130g/mq jersey in green

4 ECO 373AX – 87% LYC (100/1 TENCEL™ Lyocell x Micro), 13% ROICA™ V550), a 175g/mq interlock in pink

Posted: July 8, 2024

Source: C.L.A.S.S. Eco Hub