Jeanologia Redirects The Future Of Textile Production In America From Its Miami Hub

VALENCIA, Spain — July 8, 2024 — Jeanologia, a Spanish company in eco-efficient technologies, has taken a significant step towards a sustainable revolution in the textile industry with the launch of a hub in Miami. Strategically located in the Wynwood district, this center of innovation and creativity marks a milestone in advancing sustainable garment production in America.

Looking to the future, Jeanologia anticipates that 10% of textile production will return to the United States within the next five years, while 30% will move closer to nearby markets like Mexico, Central America, Colombia, and Peru. In this context, Jeanologia’s Miami hub stands as a beacon of change, offering cutting-edge technology and sustainable solutions for environmentally conscious brands and designers.

Jeanologia’s CEO, Enrique Silla, comments, “This project not only provides technological support for on-shoring and near-shoring relocation but also becomes an inspiration center to boost the creativity of the new generation of American digital designers.” He also highlights that Miami was chosen for this operational center due to its symbolic role as a unifying point in the Americas.

A space for inspiration and innovation in digital and sustainable production

Jeanologia’s Miami hub is located in the well-known Wynwood district, a neuralgic center of art and design in the city. Here, designers and brands can firsthand experience the potential of technological solutions that enable sustainable garment finishing. Enrique Silla emphasizes, “No jeans will be produced in the region that pollutes the planet. That is our commitment.”

Among the solutions available at this hub is the innovative ATMOS process, developed with G2 technology and the patented INDRA system, which uses ozone under atmospheric conditions instead of water, chemicals, and contaminants like pumice stones, achieving natural aging of garments sustainably and efficiently. Additionally, the center operates with the closed-loop H2Zero water treatment system, which, without chemicals, treats water to leave it in optimal conditions for reuse in new washing processes for garment finishing. The Miami hub also offers a full range of digital tools for design and production, such as eDesigner software for virtual jeans creation and EIM, a powerful tool for measuring and monitoring the environmental impact of garment finishing processes efficiently and cost-effectively.

Jeanologia sets the course for sustainable fashion with its global network of innovation centers

With its presence in Miami, the company strengthens its commitment to the U.S. market, joining its other seven innovation centers strategically located in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Turkey, Brazil, India, Bangladesh, and Mexico. This new space aims not only to drive textile transformation in the region but also to democratize access to sustainable technologies and serve as a collaboration and learning platform for brands and designers committed to a greener future.

Jeanologia boasts a prominent global presence with ten subsidiaries, as well as offices and technical service centers worldwide. Currently, it exports its products to 72 countries. More than 35% of the 5 billion jeans produced annually worldwide are made using its technologies, and it has earned the trust of leading market brands such as Levi’s, Chanel, Inditex, Guess Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger, American Eagle, H&M, and Marks & Spencer, among many others.

Posted: July 8, 2024

Source: Jeanologia