Pioneering Menopause-Friendly Clothing: Femography By MAS joins The GenM Collective

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — April 30, 2024 — Femography, a B2B apparel manufacturer specializing in solutions for feminine health and hygiene, has partnered with GenM, the menopause partner for brands and home of the MTick. Femography is the FemTech arm of MAS Holdings, the largest Apparel Tech Company in South Asia. Become Clothing, a subsidiary of Femography, is already a founding partner of GenM.

Femography creates clothing solutions to meet the unseen needs of women across all stages of the feminine journey from menstruation, maternity to menopause, and everything in between. As a pioneer in the FemTech industry, Femography works with a host of renowned global brands, developing products across intimate wear, activewear, and swimwear. Spearheading the menopause revolution together, this partnership will enable Femography to signpost the brand’s menopause-friendly products and solutions via GenM’s MTick, furthering the opportunity for global firms to carry its modern-day functional, innovative, and conscious solutions to consumers.

Overwhelming independent research from GenM shows that women are demanding more from the brands they’ve been loyal to throughout their lives:

  • 90% menopausal women say brands should be more inclusive to menopause
  • 87% feel overlooked by the brands they use everyday
  • 80% of women want clear labelling of menopause-friendly products
  • 66% of menopausal women feel brands don’t signpost menopause-friendly products clearly
Heather Jackson, GenM co-founder

In response to this, GenM is igniting manufacturers, brands and retailers to better understand, respect, and serve the needs of the menopause audience, often overlooked and underserved. GenM also created the game changing MTick – the universal symbol and signage for menopause-friendly products – delivering much-needed trust and control for consumers. Transforming products the way women search, source and shop for menopause solutions, the MTick signposts products that can ease, relieve or support any of the 48 menopause symptoms and signs.

The MTick is exclusively available to GenM Partners and only products that meet the strict qualifying criteria of this accreditation can proudly display the symbol on packaging, advertising, marketing, online shopping pages, or at point of sale. The MTick is already visible on hundreds of product SKUs and is also positioned in Boots and Tesco stores across the UK, with the likes of Morrisons soon to follow.

Powered by the Patented Anti-Flush™ Technology, Femography’s intelligent menopause clothing range is specially designed alongside women including mothers, athletes and doctors, to manage symptoms of the menopause. The Brand’s non-invasive, non-medical lifestyle solutions help manage hot flushes and night sweats, the number one symptom associated with the menopause. Femography will be working closely with GenM to normalise the conversation around menopause and to bring real change to ‘the change’.

Pilar Diaz, CEO of Femography by MAS

Pilar Diaz, CEO of Femography by MAS said, “We design to serve our core purpose of bringing greater health, comfort and confidence to all women throughout the many phases in life. Menopause is an important stage that comes with its own challenges, and we are committed to ensure women embrace such transformation with ease. Through our collaboration with GenM, we will drive more conversation about these experiences openly and expertly, extending our advanced, tested and trusted solutions to bring in a new era of empowerment for women across the world”.

Heather Jackson, GenM co-founder said, “We’re already seeing fantastic progress from working closely with Become Clothing, one of our Founding Partners, so it’s a pleasure to welcome Femography, another exciting brand from MAS Holdings, to the GenM Collective. ‘The change’ changes everything when you go through it. From activewear to nightwear and bedding, clothing and textiles play a huge role in supporting women’s lived experience throughout this life stage. Femography and MAS Holdings have been pioneers in this market, creating game-changing products that empower women to thrive through their menopause. We’re looking forward to working closely with the team to drive purposeful change and bring visibility, trust, choice, and control to women.”

Posted: April 29, 2024

Source: Femography by MAS