“SYNERGY” High Technology For Sportswear With Sensitive® Fabrics By EUROJERSEY

CARONNO PERTUSELLA, Italy — October 20, 2022 — EUROJERSEY with the new ‘SYNERGY’ campaign promotes that boost of self-confidence that drives you to push your limits and perform at your best in every sporting activity thanks to the versatility and adaptability of Sensitive® Fabrics.

The perfect synergy between the technical qualities of the fabrics for truly avant-garde garments combined with the flow of each individual body movement allow excellent performance in all physical activities, even the most extreme.

An inherent potential of Sensitive Fabrics, thanks to the patented textile construction, a true three-dimensional stretch with high abrasion resistance, given by the ultra-flat surface. Impalpable like a second skin and with an impeccable fit they reshape the body, supporting the muscles thanks to their calibrated compression. With high breathability, they offer protection from UV rays while practicing outdoor sports, easy care, and ensure durability.

The growing innovation in the textile world offered by EUROJERSEY brings to the activewear segment a range of technologies in the areas of textile construction, printing and manufacturing.

Posted: October 20, 2022