Careismatic Brands Announces The Appointment Of Girisha Chandraraj As CEO

CHATSWORTH, CA — June 21, 2022 — Careismatic Brands, the world’s largest manufacturer of medical apparel, announced today the appointment of Girisha Chandraraj to Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This announcement marks an exciting moment for Careismatic Brands, as the company continues to strengthen its business through building an industry-leading executive team.

Prior to joining Careismatic Brands, Chandraraj served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Elite Sportswear, Chief Executive Officer of Marbles the Brainstore and Chief Digital Officer for Essendant. While at Marbles the Brainstore, Chandraraj helped transform the company by building its wholesale and ecommerce business. He is also a co-founder of predictive regulatory software company, RegVoyance, and previously served in executive roles at Blick Art Materials and Alpha Broder.

“Girisha brings strong financial acumen, deep analytical rigor and varied channel experience across the wholesale, B2B and B2C spaces to this new role, and I look forward to working with him to set and execute on our strategic business agenda,” said Michael Penner, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Chandraraj was selected by the Careismatic Brands Board of Directors following a thorough and rigorous search process. His strong digital credentials, marketing and business transformation experience set him apart and will position Careismatic Brands to reach its next evolution of growth.

“As an industry leader, Careismatic Brands has a strong and innovative portfolio,” said Chandraraj. “I am honored to be leading a company trusted by so many health workers.”

Posted: June 21, 2022

Source: Careismatic Brands, Inc.