Hemingway Apparel Becomes Hemingway Sewing Solutions

HEMINGWAY, S.C. — December 13, 2021 — Investors affiliated with the Creative Fabrics division of Beverly Knits have purchased the assets of Hemingway Apparel. The new business, Hemingway Sewing Solutions, will continue to provide legacy cut and sew services to long-time apparel customers and will also expand into the assembly of mattress covers. As a result of the increased demand, the new company expects to hire an additional 50-plus employees in early 2022.

Jack Marsh, the founder of Hemingway Apparel, commented: “I am very pleased that the Hemingway Apparel team will continue on as the Hemingway Sewing Solutions team. This is a great opportunity for growth and further investment for the people of Hemingway as well as Williamsburg and Florence counties”.

“A combination of factors led to the decision to invest and expand,” said Parker Sytz, the managing partner of Hemingway Sewing Solutions. “Over the past forty years, Jack Marsh and Hemingway Apparel have developed a solid reputation for providing quality cut and sew services to the apparel market. We will continue to offer these services and diversify into the growing market for knit engineered mattress ticking covers. We are very excited to invest locally in the equipment and people required for this growth.”

Hemingway Sewing Solutions will be able to grow immediately due to an affiliation with Beverly Knits. The Beverly Knits operations are located just a few hours away in Gastonia, N.C., where it knits and finishes specialized fabrics and cut and sew mattress covers for the bedding market. Due to the strong growth in demand for their products, additional domestic cut and sew services are required.

Hemingway Sewing Solutions currently provides apparel cut and sew services for the sportswear, ready-to-wear and intimate apparel markets. They have an experienced workforce and have recently invested in automated fabric cutting technology. Additional equipment and workstations are being installed to support the expansion into the bedding related products. In the coming weeks, Hemingway Sewing Solutions will begin hiring at least 50 additional associates from assembly technicians through facility maintenance (www.hemingwaysewing.com).

Posted December 13, 2021

Source: Hemingway Sewing Solutions