Industria 4.0: Jersey Lomellina Invests In Innovation

CARVICO, Italy — June 16, 2021 — Investing in machinery, software and production processes so as to make a company more competitive by enhancing human resources. This is the target set by Jersey Lomellina, an Italy-based producer of stretch, circular knitted fabrics which over the past two years has invested 2 million euros ($2.4 million) to make its production process smarter, interconnected and fully automated.

Thanks to this important investment the company has entered the Fourth Industrial Revolution betting on its growth — aiming at begin more flexible and competitive — and on sustainability, which has always been the focus of the whole project.

We are talking about new business models and new technologies employing Artificial Intelligence to the production systems to increase productivity and improve working conditions. The man/machine collaboration represents a concrete support to the process of corporate development and puts together new technologies and people’s skills which are still the real core of Jersey Lomellina’s project.

Energy savings and sustainability are among the most relevant topics when it comes to competitiveness and having a corporate advantage, especially in fashion, one of the most polluting industry in the market. For years, now, Jersey Lomellina has been using 100% recycled and eco-sustainable raw materials from pre and post consumer products which, at the end of their life cycle, instead of being disposed of in a landfill, are recovered and regenerated through a complex chemical-physical process. Also the company has been implementing environmental policies and innovative projects aimed at creating a truly sustainable supply chain and a circular economy model, at safeguarding its workers’ health and the well-being of both local communities the global eco-system.

“Jersey Lomellina belongs to a big group and since its early days it has stood out for its strong identity, its versatility and innovative spirit. Such qualities have also affected its collection of high quality, trendy fabrics,” claimed Fiorella Angeloni, general manager of Jersey Lomellina S.p.A. “These important investments allow us to permanently update our targets: consolidating our market share, respecting the environment, value our collaborators. The current global scenario proves our choice is the right one. So we will carry on this way, trying to improve every single day”.

Posted June 22, 2021

Source: Jersey Lomellina