FK Group Italy To Offer Tukatech Line Of Automatic Cutters

LOS ANGELES — January 13, 2021 —  FK Group Italy is now offering a new premium line of “Tukatech Cutters” to the apparel industry. Tukatech Cutters will be available for purchase through both FK Group Italy and Tukatech directly.

Tukatech Cutters are high-performance automatic fabric cutting machines manufactured by FK Group with additional power and efficiency. They use Tukatech’s proprietary TUKAcut software module and high-speed processors unique to Tukatech Cutters for non-stop cutting. Both companies started their collaboration in 1995, but in 2017 Tukatech customized the FK hardware platform for developing their own premium level machines, which has been running with spectacular performances, says Sergio Gori, CEO of FK Group SPA.

According to Sergio Gori, “this allows the calculation of millions of instructions to analyze cut path and sequencing that produces an average of 16.8-percent higher productivity than most cutters. Additionally, Safe Start Point, a copyrighted feature, allows users to cut without any buffers between the pattern pieces, which saves material while maintaining excellent cut quality.”

“I am glad to announce the strengthening our 25-year relationship with Tukatech to provide powerful equipment to apparel manufacturers around the world. They can choose between an amazing line of exclusive FK Cutters, or upgrade to the high-performing Tukatech Cutter,” he added.

Unlike any other cutter suppliers, Tukatech offers the TUKA support package which includes their unique approach to implementation, process engineering, and training to produce measurable results for apparel manufacturers.

Los Angeles Apparel, with four cutters, was among the first to test the high-performance Tukatech Cutters. Dov Charney, Founder and CEO of Los Angeles Apparel, compares the difference to luxury cars. “There are Mercedes, and then there are AMG Mercedes. These cutters supersede Industry 4.0 standards with faster, more precise, and higher-quality cutting.”

“We are truly a solutions provider. We train the cutting machine operators to maintain their own machines, provide a package of all spare parts including all consumables so, the manufacturers can stay operational without expensive support agreements,” says Ram Sareen, founder and CEO of Tukatech.

Posted January 15, 2021

Source: Tukatech