Swift Brands Repurposes Its Factory To Meet National Need For Masks And Gowns

LOS ANGELES — April 14, 2020 — In response to urgent calls from federal, state and local leaders, Swift Brands’ manufacturing facilities have been repurposed to produce personal protective equipment (PPE) masks and gowns.

Swift Brands’ On-Demand factory manufactures all of its products in the USA and is uniquely poised to rapidly produce protective gear in the battle against the spread of COVID-19. While the masks are not N95 certified, they are made with anti-microbial micropoly and are moisture wicking and washable. They can be worn alone, or they can provide an added layer of defense when layered over a certified mask. They can be ordered in any color and can include a corporate logo or any graphic (using water-based inks).

“Swift Brands thanks its dedicated employees and acknowledges their tireless efforts to help us do our part to flatten the curve,” said Chelsea Grayson, Swift’s CEO. “We are happy to provide this offering to customers with no minimum order requirements, for their own use or for purposes of donating the gear wherever the need presents. We strongly believe that wearing a mask is like casting a vote for the pandemic to end.”

Posted April 15, 2020

Source: Swift Brands