Unifi Announces Recipients Of Third Annual REPREVE® Champions Of Sustainability Awards

GREENSBORO, N.C. — February 13, 2020 — Unifi Inc. today announced recipients of the third annual Champions of Sustainability awards, continuing to recognize companies driving sustainability for the good of tomorrow. This year, a total of 79 companies have achieved key milestones through their use of REPREVE recycled performance fiber. Highlights include H&M, which has recycled more than a half billion bottles, and Wal-Mart and Quiksilver reaching the quarter billion bottle milestone. In addition, Lovesac and Inditex, special category winners last year, both advanced to bottle-based awards.

“Working together, Unifi’s brand, retailer and textile partners have helped us recycle more than 19 billion bottles,” said Jay Hertwig, senior vice president of global sales and marketing for Unifi. “We are excited that more and more companies are committing to global responsibility and using our ecofriendly fiber options to positively impact our planet, both now and in the future.”

REPREVE Champions of Sustainability will be awarded to 26 brand and retail partners that have each transformed 10 million or more recycled plastic bottles, and 42 textile partners that have each transformed 50 million or more bottles, through the use of REPREVE performance fibers. A list of award recipients can be found below and by visiting Unifi.com/champions.

“While plastic consumption is on the rise, we’re doing our part to give bottles a second life. It is our hope that these awards also inspire consumers to make recycling a daily habit and increase recycling rates,” said Hertwig.

In addition to the 68 bottle-based awards, Unifi is also recognizing 11 special category award winners:

  • REPREVE Partners in Innovation recognizes companies that have created a unique product with REPREVE or that used REPREVE in a fresh, innovative way. This year’s winners are Twin Dragon, Palmetto Synthetics and U.S. Denim Mills.
  • REPREVE Circular Economy recognizes companies that demonstrate a substantial commitment to the circular economy by transforming waste into new products. Logoplaste and Oak Hall are being recognized accordingly.
  • REPREVE Newcomer recognizes key companies that made a significant switch to REPREVE within the last year. Unifi is proud to recognize Macy’s, Happy X Nature, Culp Home Fashions and Hard Rock International for this award.
  • REPREVE All-In recognizes companies that integrated REPREVE throughout their product line(s). Bermuda Sands and Walmart are winners for their commitment to using REPREVE.

Brand & Retailer Bottle Awards

  • Aeropostale;
  • Gildan;
  • Haggar;
  • HanesBrands;
  • Haworth;
  • H&M;
  • Inditex;
  • JCPenney;
  • Jordache;
  • Lindex;
  • Lovesac;
  • Lucky Textiles;
  • Momentum;
  • NIKE;
  • Okaïdi;
  • Patagonia;
  • Polartec;
  • Quiksilver;
  • Target;
  • Timberland;
  • The North Face; and
  • Under Armour.

Textile Partner Bottle Awards

  • Antex Knitting;
  • Billion Rise;
  • Clarotex;
  • Copen;
  • Darlington;
  • Duvaltex;
  • Elevate Textiles;
  • Freudenberg Performance Materials;
  • Hamrick Mills;
  • Hornwood Inc;
  • Inmobiliaria Apopa;
  • Intradeco;
  • Jiangyin Chunlan;
  • Kipas;
  • Küçükçalık;
  • MAS Fabrics;
  • Merinos;
  • Milliken & Company;
  • Nanjing Haixinlining;
  • Nantong Dafuhao;
  • Nantong Shuanghong;
  • Ningbo Huayao;
  • Ningbo Shenzhou;
  • Pettenati;
  • Pride Performance Fabrics;
  • Saehan;
  • Sage Automotive Interiors;
  • Shandong Hongye;
  • Shanghai Challenge Textile;
  • Shuford Mills LLC;
  • Snyder Enterprises Inc.;
  • Suzhou Yunmei;
  • Swisstex Direct LLC;
  • Tah Tong Textile;
  • Texhong;
  • Texpasa USA LLC;
  • Textufil S.A.;
  • Tuntex;
  • Worldon;
  • Wujiang Zhonglian;
  • Wuxi Changjiang; and
  • Yuanwen.

Special Category Awards

REPREVE Partners in Innovation

  • Twin Dragon;
  • Palmetto Synthetics; and
  • U.S. Denim Mills.

REPREVE Circular Economy

  • Logoplaste; and
  • Oak Hall.

REPREVE Newcomer

  • Macy’s;
  • Happy X Nature;
  • Culp Home Fashions; and
  • Hard Rock International.


  • Bermuda Sands; and
  • Walmart.

Posted February 13, 2020

Source: Unifi Inc.