Custom Activewear Brand Xceed Acquires Peaks Apparel

MEXICO CITY — May 8, 2019 — When Miguel Arvizu founded Xceed in 2004, he set his brand on course to become the leader in custom-made activewear. Fast forward 15 years and Xceed has become a large, well-known and respected custom activewear brand in Mexico.

Today, this custom activewear company has taken another step forward to rapidly expand its brand through the acquisition of U.S.-based Peaks Apparel. The financial terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed but sources have confirmed the deal includes distribution agreements and a licensing deal with next generation technology software platform BrikL Ltd.

“This is an exciting acquisition that supports our growth strategy,” explained Xceed CEO Miguel Arvizu. “We will be able to leverage our established brand, production and distribution operation to further expand our market and channel penetration. We are ready to take the next steps in becoming a large-scale production hub for North America and the licensing and distribution agreements will get us there quickly.”

Xceed wasted no time after the agreements were signed, starting implementation of the new BrikL software platform with the expectation that the entire system to be fully live by June. BrikL is a 3D and eCommerce platform for custom-made clothing and team purchasing in the marketplace. Built with next generation technology, BrikL makes buying custom-made apparel simple and easy for both Xceed and its customers.

“People hear the phrase ‘state-of-the-art technology’ and do not typically think Mexico City is where they will find it. We have been using advanced technology since the inception of our company. You can walk into our retail store and use our 3D body scanning machine to dial in your measurements,” says Arvizu, referring to one of his design studios, located inside a high-end shopping center in Mexico City.

Peaks Apparel will transition to the Xceed name by the end of 2019 and continue to spearhead the expansion of the organization in the US and Canadian market. “It is a little surreal to wake up one morning and know that you are now one of the largest and fastest growing brands in your market space,” says Jason Reinhardt, CEO and Founder of Peaks Apparel. “Having teams of inhouse designers, customer service personnel, large scale production facilities and retail shops all driven by advanced technology will provide our customers a much better overall experience.”

Posted May 8, 2019

Source: Peaks Apparel, LLC