New Design Pool Design On Demand Source Is Helping To Streamline Custom Designs

BOSTON — April 23, 2019 — Design Pool announced its design on demand service offerings. The new online business is the source for seamless patterns for print on demand for commercial and residential interiors. Consumers, interior designers and businesses that are looking to change up their space now have a new option when it comes to picking beautiful, seamless patterns and designs. Design Pool offers a variety of custom patterns for options in the residential, hospitality and healthcare markets.

Every day designs and styles are changing. Businesses and consumers want a custom look with quality, but don’t have the time or money and are frustrated with the lack of creative options. They also want speed, flexibility and creativity with print on demand solutions. Design Pool offers that and more.

Design Pool offers streamlined access to hundreds of custom designed patterns for print on demand technology, saving time for design firms and offering quality seamless, vector-based patterns.

CEO Kristen Dettoni is a leader in design and trends. With over 25 year’s experience her vision is to bring customization to a whole new level.

“We believe great design from experienced designers should be easily accessible,” says CEO Kristen Dettoni. “Options were limited in the commercial and residential space and our business model opens up a variety of possibilities. We really are here to support any business or individual in need of patterns and design services.”

Design Pool officially launched this month with hundreds of licensing, proprietary and design partnerships on patterns for multiple uses including upholstery, privacy screens, wallpaper, bedding, mugs, tabletop, curtains, rugs, and floor mats. Design Pool partners include Enviroleather, KwickScreen, VividBoard, Vistamatic, Gelpro, Interior Ink. Design Pool supports businesses and individuals in need of patterns as well as offers design services.

Posted April 23, 2019

Source: Design Pool