ZAFUL Activewear Sweeping Campuses In Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES — November 15, 2018 — At the beginning of November, ZAFUL launched a campaign destined for UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles), CSULB (California State University, Long Beach) and USC (University of Southern California) to bring its latest activewear to LA students. Bringing selected collections, ZAFUL kicked off its first campus campaign and showed off its stylish and activewear vibe to the vibrant students.

It took 4 years for ZAFUL to survive and thrive in the online world and on November 1, ZAFUL kicked off its first offline campaign to interact with the students in LA. With a simple registration and an Instagram post at ZAFUL’s booth, participants got coupons, free leggings and even a chance to win a trip to Hong Kong. On their first day at UCLA, ZAFUL booth attracted hundreds of students to visit and take photos. ZAFUL’s “Guess the price, get the prize” game drew in many students and the booth was soon surrounded by prize seekers.

ZAFUL’s on campus campaign has been working with local student agencies and communities, such like OCA and Student Universe, to boost brand awareness among students, covering both online and offline channels. Additionally, ZAFUL is actively developing its own campus ambassadors and building connections for more student campaigns in the future.

“Leggings with heels? Never on your first date!”

Activewear is now a major style for college students. Not only because they are practical and durable for daily use, but they can be extremely stylish and edgy to go with various occasions. ZAFUL walked around the campus and talked with students about their ideas about activewear.

See what students said about their activewear:

This weekend, ZAFUL will continue its campus tour at USC alongside the excitement of USC’s annual rally held ahead of the football team’s game against crosstown rival UCLA. Maggie Luo, the Project Manager of ZAFUL shared her expectation for the last stop in USC. “As the volume of visitors is predicted to be at least 3 times larger that day, our team will organize more related-themed activities and activewear for the party to spice it up,” Maggie said.

So far, the exposure and engagement from the UCLA and CSU activities have reached over 4 million users on social media and online communities, and it is predicted based on the existing stats that the total reach will top 10 million by the end of November.

Posted November 15, 2018

Source: ZAFUL