RYU CEO Marcello Leone Broadcasts Live from the New York Stock Exchange to Announce Opening of Flagship NYC Store

VANCOUVER — November 19, 2018 —  RYU Apparel Inc. broadcasted live from the New York Stock Exchange yesterday to mark the launch of its flagship U.S. store.

Aired on Cheddar TV, Marcello Leone, CEO of RYU, proudly announced the opening of the New York store as a further step in his US expansion plans.

Cheddar TV is one of the most influential news channels in North America and is known as the “CNBC for millennials”, with a viewership of over 200 million.

Speaking to anchors Kristen Scholer and Tim Stenovec, Marcello noted the milestone of the US launch and spoke about what sets RYU apart from its competition. He said: “The sector is becoming very competitive so, today, brands need to make an emotional connection with their consumer.”

“The experience at retail is to try to build a community and give back to the community — milliennials want to be a part of something. Community is everything we stand for because it’s our purpose — it’s about respect and why the brand was started.”

RYU celebrated its launch with a pre-opening preview party on Thursday evening. The event attracted several hundred of NYC’s cultural and fashion community, including artists and dancers featured in the ‘Your Universe’ campaign.

The Williamsburg store is located at 76 N. 4th street in Brooklyn and will open shortly after the Thanksgiving holiday, allowing employees to spend time with their families ahead of the grand opening.

Posted November 19, 2018

Source: RYU Apparel