Gerber Technology Launches Virtual Reality Micro-Factory Exhibit With Axonom At Ideation

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. — October 4, 2018 —  Axonom, a global provider of visual and virtual configure, price, quote (CPQ) software, today announces customer Gerber Technology is unveiling a virtual reality exhibit of a modern micro-factory at the ideation conference in Miami Beach, Fla. The exhibit combines immersive virtual reality with 3D animation to give fashion, retail, and apparel leaders the most realistic experience to learn the benefits of a digitally-connected micro-factory.

The Gerber Technology VR exhibit transports attendees into a virtual micro-factory environment where they can see animated machines moving fabric from design to production. It gives attendees an immersive, first-person viewpoint of the hand-off process from product design to digital printing to automated cutting to robotic sewing.

“Virtual Reality is a first-class demonstration tool,” said Bill Grindle, chief marketing officer at Gerber Technology. “It’s an effective way to show each stage of the apparel design process – from concept in software to fabric to completed garment. In fact, virtual reality with 3D animation helps us build trust with the customer. We can share detailed information and answer questions in real-time while they experience fabric being digitally printed, cut, and sewn into a complete product.”

The VR exhibit demonstrates the interaction between Gerber Technology’s digitally-connected machines and 3rd party printers. It shows how data is passed seamlessly from system-to-system, automating the workflow, and minimizing human interaction. Attendees will learn how digitally-connected micro-factories improve product quality, reduce costs, and speed time to market.

“Transporting attendees into a virtual environment eliminates the need to ship large machines to the conference,” said Mike Belongie, COO at Axonom. “Gerber Technology’s investment in Powertrak VRoom is saving the company on added drayage, labor, and floor space expenses.”

The VR exhibit is powered by Axonom’s Powertrak VRoom and Powertrak 3D Product Configurator, and viewed with the HTC VIVE PRO, a professional-grade VR headset. “With VIVE Pro, businesses can experience the best quality display in addition to built-in high-performance headphones, creating a heightened sense of presence and immersion,” said Daniel O’Brien, HTC VIVE General Manager, Americas. “In the product design and retail space, VR is playing a large role to showcase how impactful products can be.”

All attendees are invited to the virtual reality experience exhibit located in the Embracing Digitalization Interactive Studio in Salon A at the Eden Roc/Nobu Hotel. The three-day conference features interactive sessions, workshops, demonstrations, and keynote speaker and fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff.

Posted October 4, 2018

Source: Axonom Inc